Youth Ministry

Growing together.

Our mission is to support parents to train and equip their children to walk out their faith in their everyday lives.

Being imperfect vessels, we seek to relate to youth as maturing adults, creating healthy and growth-oriented habits and relationships. Welcoming youths into adulthood as men and women who will shape the Church in the coming generations. Our desire is for each person to join in a relationship with Jesus Christ, to begin to understand Him, then to know Him, then to love Him. Furthermore, we desire to be perfectly fallen; living openly, vulnerably, and humbly before the youths in all that we do - being the first to admit when we are wrong, to apologize, and to truly listen to the youth’s ideas.
We, additionally, seek to create an environment of growth and leadership where youths can be themselves and not be stifled or infringed upon, but allowed to learn how to appropriately use their gifts to serve and bless others and not focus on themselves. 
To accomplish these goals, we support the parents in whatever way we can as they lead their families. We must seek humility before the Lord and allow Him to use us and not focus on our own strengths, but lean on His strength and allow Him to use our weaknesses - surrendering completely to His will.

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